ATO Depreciation Rates 2023

Table A
NameEffective LifeDiminishing Value RatePrime Cost RateDate of Application
Sheds on land that is used for agricultural or pastoral operations (including machinery sheds, workshop sheds and farm production sheds)40 years5.00%2.50%1 Jan 2007
Mushroom growing:
Compost phase 1 assets:
Machinery (including forklifts, front end loaders, bunker fillers and pre-wet turners)4 years50.00%25.00%1 Jul 2008
Coal mining:
Materials handling assets:
Stockpile stackers, reclaimers and stacker reclaimers:
Generally (including all machinery)25 years8.00%4.00%1 Jul 2003
Construction material mining:
Mobile (track or wheel mounted machinery including screening and conveying components)15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2003
Wool scouring:
Wool dumping machinery13 ⅓ years15.00%7.50%1 Jan 2001
Natural textile manufacturing:
Cotton manufacturers' machinery:
Conveyors10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jan 2001
Engines, gas20 years10.00%5.00%1 Jan 2001
Gas producer plant13 ⅓ years15.00%7.50%1 Jan 2001
Gins10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jan 2001
Weaving machinery (silk and cotton)13 ⅓ years15.00%7.50%1 Jan 2001
Knitted product manufacturing:
Woollen manufacturers' machinery16 ⅔ years12.00%6.00%1 Jan 2001
Footwear manufacturing:
Boot and shoe-making machinery:
Machinery and general plant13 ⅓ years15.00%7.50%1 Jan 2001
Moulds for plastic heels3 years66.67%33.33%1 Jan 2001
Vulcanising moulds5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jan 2001
Other wood product manufacturing:
Moulding machinery (wood)13 ⅓ years15.00%7.50%1 Jan 2001
Motor vehicle manufacturing:
Motor vehicle manufacturing plant (not listed elsewhere):
Basic machinery10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jan 2001
Electricity supply:
Electricity generation:
Workshop machinery and tools20 years10.00%5.00%1 Jan 2002
Water transport and support services:
Salvage machinery:
Boilers, vertical40 years5.00%2.50%1 Jan 2001
Engine hoisting40 years5.00%2.50%1 Jan 2001
Centrifugal, direct acting, and connections40 years5.00%2.50%1 Jan 2001
Duplex boiler feed40 years5.00%2.50%1 Jan 2001
Residential property operators:
Assets generally:
Escalators (machinery and moving parts)20 years10.00%5.00%1 Jan 2003
Other machinery and equipment repair and maintenance:
Agriculture, construction and mining heavy machinery and equipment repair and maintenance assets:
Field service assets:
Assets used in field service that are not listed under this sub-heading - use any relevant determination listed under Workshop assets below
Air compressors8 years25.00%12.50%1 Jul 2015
Cranes10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Cutting machines8 years25.00%12.50%1 Jul 2015
Diagnostic assets5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Lathes5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Line boring machines10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Milling machines8 years25.00%12.50%1 Jul 2015
Turning machines8 years25.00%12.50%1 Jul 2015
Generally (including comb trailers and tilt trailers) - see Table B Motor vehicles and trailers
Service trailers (incorporating built-in hoses, built-in pumps, built-in tanks etc)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Workshop assets:
Air conditioning service assets (including refrigerant management/charging stations, refrigerant recovery machines, refrigerant recovery and recycling machines and vacuum pumps)5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Air compression assets (including air dryers, air receivers, compressors and packaged air compression systems)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Battery chargers5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Battery load testers5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Bending machines:
Folders15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2015
Pipe and tube benders10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Press brakes20 years10.00%5.00%1 Jul 2015
Brake shoe riveting machines5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Brake testers (including in-ground and mobile roller brake testers)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Boring machines (including floor borers, jib borers, horizontal and vertical boring machines)15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2015
Diagnostic, measuring and testing assets:
Generally (including co-ordinate measuring machines, dynamometers, electrical testers, flow meters, hardness testers, hydraulic testers and multimeters)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Laptop diagnostic systems:
Laptops - see Table B Computers, Laptops
Machine interface units3 years66.67%33.33%1 Jul 2015
Tyre pressure gauges5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Vehicle specific diagnostic assets5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Drilling machines (including drill presses, magnetic drills, pedestal drills and radial arm drills)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Flange facers5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Forklift attachments10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Forklifts11 years18.18%9.09%1 Jul 2015
Grinding machines (including gear grinding machines)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Guillotine shears15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2015
Heat treatment assets (including furnaces and quenches)15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2015
Hydraulic hose crimpers10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
CNC lathes10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Manual lathes20 years10.00%5.00%1 Jul 2015
Lifting assets:
Jib cranes (including column/wall mounted, floor mounted/freestanding and portable jib cranes)15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2015
Overhead cranes25 years8.00%4.00%1 Jul 2015
Pick & carry cranes/yard cranes10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Portable cranes generally (including engine cranes, engine hoists, floor cranes, mobile gantries, shop cranes etc)15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2015
Hoists10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Jacks (including air hydraulic jacks, hydro pneumatic jacks, floor jacks, transmission jacks, trolley jacks and truck jacks)5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Scissor lifts15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2015
Vehicle lifters (including mobile column lifts and post hoists)20 years10.00%5.00%1 Jul 2015
Machining centres10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Milling machines (including bed mills and universal mills)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Oil recovery, service and treatment assets:
Collection vessels/tanks20 years10.00%5.00%1 Jul 2015
Dangerous goods containers15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2015
Pumps5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Painting assets:
Buffing machines3 years66.67%33.33%1 Jul 2015
Paint agitators3 years66.67%33.33%1 Jul 2015
Space heaters10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Spray booths15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2015
Spray gun washing machines5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Parts washing machines7 years28.57%14.29%1 Jul 2015
Pipe cutting machines10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Plasma cutters10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Hydraulic presses10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Punch and shear machines15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2015
Saws (including band saws and cold cut saws)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Stands (including axle stands, engine stands and transmission stands)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Storage assets (including racking, shelving, safety cabinets and storage cabinets)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Surface preparation assets:
Abrasive blasting assets:
Abrasive blasting machines (incorporating blasting pots, hoses, nozzles, valves etc)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Abrasive recovery/recycling machines and associated equipment (including storage hoppers)12 years16.67%8.33%1 Jul 2015
Blast booths/chambers12 years16.67%8.33%1 Jul 2015
Dust collection and ventilation systems12 years16.67%8.33%1 Jul 2015
Pressure cleaners/washers4 years50.00%25.00%1 Jul 2015
Toolboxes and toolbox roller cabinets7 years28.57%14.29%1 Jul 2015
Moulds7 years28.57%14.29%1 Jul 2015
Press brake dies10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Tooling for lathes, machining centres, milling machines and other machine tools7 years28.57%14.29%1 Jul 2015
Vehicle specific specialised tooling5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Workholding devices (including jigs and fixtures)7 years28.57%14.29%1 Jul 2015
Hand tools (manually operated)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Hand held power tools (air, battery and electric)3 years66.67%33.33%1 Jul 2015
Power packs5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Torque/tension wrenches5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Torque wrench pumps (pneumatic and electric driven)5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Trolleys (including powered and electrodrive trolleys)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Turning machines10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Waste water recovery and treatment assets:
Grease traps10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Pumps5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Tanks and separators15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2015
Waterjet cutting machines10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Weight scales (corner weight)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Welding assets:
Welders (including ARC, MIG, TIG, multi process and oxy-acetylene welders/cutters)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Weld tables and positioners (including rotary tables)10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Welding helmets incorporating respirators3 years66.67%33.33%1 Jul 2015
Wire feeders5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Wheel service assets:
Bead breaker kits5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Tyre changers5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Wheel aligners7 years28.57%14.29%1 Jul 2015
Wheel balancers5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Wheel handlers and lifters5 years40.00%20.00%1 Jul 2015
Wheel play detectors10 years20.00%10.00%1 Jul 2015
Work benches and tables15 years13.33%6.67%1 Jul 2015
Table B
NameEffective LifeDiminishing Value RatePrime Cost RateDate of Application
Escalators (machinery and their moving parts)20 years10.00%5.00%1 Jan 2003
Foundations for plant and machinery (integral to the operation of such plant and machinery, but not incorporated into the plant and machinery itself)40 years5.00%2.50%1 Jul 2014

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Source: TR 2022/1